Mezzenile and its surroundings

StemmaThe ancient village of Mezzenile (654 mt. altitude at the town hall) is located at the center of the Lanzo Valleys, in Alpi Graie, less than one hour drive from Turin.
It lays on the right bank of Stura torrent on the thriving table land that leads up to Rocca Moros and Calcante Uja. Placed in a perfect Southern exposure, it offers the advantage of a favorable climate. Being in a low-mountain position it is suitable for everybody.
The surroundings covered with fields, pasturages, woods, springs are ideal for long walks and excursions in every season.
The village is divided into several hamlets and counts 900 residents all together.
Mezzenile's cultural and linguistic heritage is Franco-Provençal. The dialect (patois) is still well in use in village, with some slight differences from hamlet to hamlet.
In the past centuries, together with the neighboring villages of Pessinetto and Traves, Mezzenile was an important location for the production of nails, as witnessed by the many smithy forges still existing all around as a special typical mark of the local lanscape.