About us

AgevolmenteAgevolmente is an association founded in 2006 to promote occasions for people to meet, to communicate and exchange experiences, to enrich human contents and share cultural interests through a variety of projects. Our main purpose is to promote acceptance, respect and appreciation for differences among human beings and human situations in any field: cultural, mental, gender, age , ethnic, social level, abilities...
Another fundamental purpose is to value the cultural, historical, natural heritage of the region where the Association is operating and promoting tourism and projects in full respect of natural environment and local heritages.Savino

Agevolmente runs an alternative hospitality facility: a stunning mountain farm-house turned into Vacation Home located in the village named Mezzenile (Lanzo Valleys).
The Association's distinctive feature is its strong social commitment, a few of its members have a long working experience both in education and social cooperation.
Special attention is given to people with disabilities or having specific needs, indvidual support may be offered by specialized tutors during activities, stays and specific projects.
The Association organizes thematic meetings, film screenings, laboratories, art, theatre and poetry events.
Wild nature observation, bird watching, walks, excursions, climbing courses (with the cooperation of an Alpine guide), are regularly organized at Le Lunelle.
Agevolmente cooperates with other associations, public departments, social cooperatives in perfect combination with its fundamental aims and is particularly interested in developing such cooperation to include other situations through combined initiatives and projects.
In order to be admitted to any initiative or to be guests at Le Lunelle you are required to become members of the Association. Beware: a single association card is enough to cover admission for a whole family or group. Year 2015 admission fee is 7,00 euros.